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Squared Points is specialized in boosting content and connecting brands with their audiences on YouTube

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We detect the preferred talent, analyze the video market trends and the content consumption habits of the audience, and we suggest the most successful format in line with the enterprise style and values.


We advise how and when you should publish your videos, with a focus on finding and engaging your audience. Also, we will explain which words you should use to better position your content within YouTube and how to organize and design your channel.


Our team has a wealth of experience in manual detection of the most hidden UGC (User- generated content) endorsing YouTube Technology with our proprietary tool.


We have a selection of premium content creators with more than 20M subs to help you engage your enterprise with its fanbase and increase your brand awareness exponentially.

If it's online, we can protect it

Working together with Red Points, the leaders in online Intellectual Property protection, and YouTube as one of their preferred partners, Squared Points’ certified team excels in copyright management with Content ID. More than 100 clients have already put their faith in Squared Points to protect their live and VOD content on YouTube.

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Benefits of Squared Points


We are experts on digital audiences and online video management.


Gain insights and understand trends through our own smartness dashboard.


With premium creators

Content Management

Manage your content ID in an organized, task-based workflow to increase your earnings.

Monetize or block

Control of the content according to the client policies.


channel optimization with personalized attention.

Monthly report

tailored to analyze and understand the results.

We are part of Red Points

leaders in intellectual property protection.

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